Your Invitation


This is your invitation to Fellowship Church in Sidney, Montana. Sometimes we’re called “The church by Miller’s Corner” or “That church who helps people” (we have a food pantry and help people with all sorts of stuff).

If you happen to make it to worship this Sunday at 10:45, we probably owe you a few explanations. First, you’ll notice that our fog machine is down and laser lights are broken. We don’t even have white tigers in cages or dancing monkeys. Our pastor forgot how to tell jokes (terrible, we know).

But, here’s what we do have.

  • Expository preaching from the Bible. Right now our pastor is preaching through the book of Acts. It should take a couple more years.
  • Carefully chosen worship music that provides a robust witness of God’s greatness without compromising doctrinal soundness
  • Family-integration where all ages are welcome in worship

We’re a young congregation (age-wise) with lots of kids and young families, made from a collection of folks from all around the country and locals from right here in Richland County, too. And some from places like Watford City and Williston and Glendive who desire what what we offer for worship. But even though our age is pretty young, we appreciate the finer things…like preaching, singing hymns and psalms and spiritual songs, the reading of scripture, prayer and the Lord’s Supper.

We know, we know. It’s crazy. You can have church without pyrotechnics.

We hope to see you soon, and believe you’ll enjoy our fellowship.

Sunday School (various classes for all ages) – 9:45AM (MT)

Worship – 10:45AM (MT)

Oh, wait! One last thing; just in case no one has explained to you the Gospel yet, watch this video.