A Statement from FBC Leadership on the Persecution of Our Pastor At the Hands of an Activist Judiciary

February 13, 2022 0 Comments

We have kept you all informed from the pulpit, Facebook, and public prayer requests for the legal trials and persecutions of our pastor on the grounds of the freedom of religion, speech, and the press in relation to suits brought against him by a Planned Parenthood attorney and another pro-LGBTQ firm, in relation to his preaching here and around the state on the issue of human sexuality.

It is highly expected a gag order regarding the case to be imposed this week, rendering him subject to A) imprisonment or (B) fines for discussing this case further. This renders him unable to defend himself in the press. In fact, he is not allowed at the hearings this week because they fear the Word of God, and fear the man of God to the point, his constitutional rights are being routinely violated.

Thankfully, groups like Mass Resistance and major media influencers, and legal counsel are prepared to defend him, and thousands upon thousands in this state are prepared to defend him.

This serves as public notice that any pending order of a rogue judge has no ecclesiastical authority over Fellowship Baptist Church and we – and Pastor Hall’s elders (us)  and your fellow pastors – will apprise you as to the status of this case as we see fit, from information publicly gathered (as opposed to that from Pastor Hall). 

Simply put, this pulpit shall not be gagged in any way, regardless of what Jordan himself is facing this week. This is part of God’s wisdom in providing a plurality of multiple elders. He may, should the spirit lead, obey a gag order, but we – his fellow leaders – will speak freely. 

Our church stands behind our pastor, a man of peace, love, and courage. We will make public and private statements as the Holy Spirit leads us in this matter.

If anyone has questions Pastor Hall may not legally be allowed to answer, but we stand prepared to answer them. 

We rejoice in our pastor’s persecution and suffering for the sake of our Lord, Christ. And we, as a congregation, we stand behind him 100%, as has already been established by the unanimous, united voice of our congregation.

We believe the goal of this week’s hearing is to silence our pastor, as the press seeks an adversarial, biased approach to impending news, which in the past has demonstrated is untrustworthy. We will be transparent to you, and our pulpit will remain free, so help us God. We will not participate -as a church – in silencing the truth of God’s Word.

We will pray for our pastor’s anointing and courage in the midst of persecution by an activist judiciary, and encourage him to be bold and walk fearlessly. 

And never have we been so proud to endorse and welcome our pastor to the pulpit, over which the Holy Spirit has made him an overseer, pastor, and evangelist as we have seen him walk in nothing but peace, truth and honesty without fear.

Our prayer is ‘Let God’s will be done,’ and might our church – in unity – be unwavering.

And so we welcome our pastor to the pulpit, Pastor Hall, with the highest possible reverence and confidence in his integrity and commitment to truth, with utter disregard of the consequences and godly contempt for those who seek to silence him.

Pastor Hall is spending time repairing himself from debilitating physical ailments and to prayer this coming week. We, fellow elders, will resume all but his preaching duties this week accordingly. Let God and God’s people defend him, as he seeks the Lord’s face in prayer and fasting.

Pastor Hall, please take Christ’s pulpit. We support you, with unanimous consent of Christ’s church, free of any government authority over the Body of Jesus Christ. — as delivered by Pastor Paul Richter

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