Fellowship Baptist Church was founded in 1980, after the First Baptist Church of Circle decided in 1979 to begin a Bible Study in Sidney, which was lacking a Southern Baptist Church. Its first meeting place was the old log cabin, now at the Mondak Heritage Center, and then a little, blue church house on the “truck route” until our current facility was built in 1994. It was affiliated with the Big Sky Baptist Association and the Southern Baptist Convention.

The church was immediately bolstered by some Baptist believers who had no choice but to leave when the First Baptist Church (an American Baptist congregation) went bankrupt after building their facility, which is now “The Carpenter’s Church.”

The church went through a number of pastors from 1980 to present, including Paul Brannon, Gerald Ackerman, Ben LaHay and Jordan Hall. Since 1980, expository preaching, Bible teaching, prayer, and simplistic worship has been a part of our DNA.

FBC Sidney left the Montana Southern Baptist Convention for an apparent slide into liberalism, which Pastor Hall preached about in his 2012 sermon, A Call for Repentance to Southern Baptists and Other Evangelicals at the Reformation Montana Conference, a network of like-minded churches Pastor Hall co-founded that year. Later in 2018, FBC Sidney left the national Southern Baptist Convention over liberalism and their approval of Critical Race Theory and Cultural Marxism, in a sermon widely held around the world.

FBC Sidney continues in the Baptist tradition, and holds to the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith, and has retained its independence and autonomy. We hold to a traditional Baptist congregational polity, are elder-led, and served by multiple deacons. We are a traditional, Reformed and Baptist, Independent Church that is highly committed to making a difference in our world through both acts of charity and activism, both done in the name of and in the message of Jesus Christ and his atoning work on the cross.

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