Current Sermon Series

Join us Sunday mornings for our current series in the Psalms. Each week, Pastor Hall takes us through the Psalms line-by-line and exults and praises God by exposition of the Holy Bible. Sermons last approximately 45 minutes to an hour. You can listen live via Facebook here (please do not avoid in-person worship to listen live). We recommend only listening live if you’re in a different zip-code or are providentially hindered from attending church in person. You can listen after 2-3 days from the sermon on YouTube at the Facebook page for Protestia here (also, where Pastor Hall’s Polemics Report podcasts are played).. The best way to listen to all the content from our sermons is from SermonAudio, a free website and app that hosts all of our sermons going back many years. They have a Roku channel as well, and includes both audio and video versions of the sermons, and is very, very convenient. You can listen to the sermons directly, for free, here via SermonAudio. Listen to the latest sermon below.