Fellowship Food Pantry

We have operated a Food Bank called Fellowship Food Pantry since 2008, and have won awards from the Governor for our help in feeding the hungry. We feed more people than the county food bank, and are available six days a week (by appointment only) at 7PM through our volunteers.

Because this is our gift to the community, we do not solicit funds for our food with public fund-raisers or ask for food from local food markets, which is typically given to the Richland County Food Bank instead, except for spare beef from local ranchers (for example, ranch-killed beef that can’t be sold on the federal market) or already-processed venison from local hunters or Montana Game & Fish.

We do appreciate Reynolds Market letting us participate in the Friends of Reynolds Program that gives us a kickback of money given from purchased groceries if you use the 4 digit code while checking out you’ll find in the church bulletin. We also appreciate their bags and spare boxes to help us carry to the food to our patrons.

If you feel compelled to donate, please do so through one of our giving portals found here.

You may make an appointment before 5 PM each day for a 7 PM food pick-up Monday-Saturday by calling 406-433-4004. Requests after 5PM may be set, but will not be available until the next day.

What separates us from the County Food Bank:

  • We do not solicit donationations from the community
  • We do not discriminated based upon county residency
  • We do not have limits on usage (how many times you may use it in a given period)
  • We do not receive assistance from the county (such as free or subsidized rent)
  • We make home deliveries for the shut-ins and elderly

We will not make you uncomfortable if you are irreligious or of a different faith. We merely discreetly give away a free Bible and Gospel tract with every food delivery into your food box and our volunteers wear name badges that say “Ask me about Jesus” and “How can I pray for you?” It is is up to you if you want to find our more about our religious services or beliefs.

We do not discriminate based upon religious affiliation, lifestyle choices, or identity groups. If you are hungry, we will feed you.