Kids 4 Truth

After 10 years of the AWANA program, Fellowship Baptist Church in Sidney is beginning a new program called “Kids 4 Truth.” This program is similar to AWANA, but is designed to teach doctrine as well as memorize Scripture. You can find more about the program here.

Our program will run the course of the school year, beginning ion October 3, 2018. If there the public school is open in Sidney, we will have Kids 4 Truth that evening. It begins each Wednesday evening at 7PM and runs to 8PM. The program is free to all attendees.

Adults and youth are welcome to attend “Apologetics for Young Adults” from 7PM to 8PM as well, as three different kinds of Christian apologetics will be taught throughout the course of the education calendar.

We are located at 2181 W Holly St (the church by Miller’s Corner). If you need a ride or more information, please call (406) 433-4004.

A nursery is provided.