Masking and Vaccination Policies

Valuing your personal autonomy and health decisions, FBC Sidney never has and never will require vaccinations or forced masking at our facility.

If you would like to socially distance, please contact someone with a volunteer badge and let them know you’re in your vehicle to listen or watch the service via the technology provided. You may listen at 98.1FM and your radio, or watch the livestream.

If you leave your headlights on after the sermon, a deacon will bring you specially-prepared Communion elements for your personal safety directly to your car, using latex gloves (which will also be used with proper health protocols) to prepare your Communion elements.

This is a religious exemption to mandatory vaccinations, written by Pastor Hall at FBC Sidney. Please download this PDF, and use it. If you have any questions, please email for an appointment with Pastor Hall to explain how to use it.