Plan Your First Visit

We aspire to be the most welcoming church you’ve ever visited. You’ll be greeted warmly at the door and asked to sign in at the welcome desk, staffed by a volunteer. You’ll then be pointed to whatever room or sanctuary you need to be in depending upon the time of your arrival.

Our lobby is a pleasant place to spend a moment, with doughnuts and coffee for your enjoyment. Your children may stay with you during Sunday School or attend an age-appropriate children’s class. We are a family-integrated church during worship service and have a “cry room” in the back (audio and video of service is available) for parents who need a few minutes with their kids. A nursery is provided for those who desire to use it.

Some dress casually. Some wear dress business casual depending upon their preference (this is up to you). Only our deacons and elders are required to dress business casual, and no judgments are made upon apparel. Out of respect, we ask that both men and women dress modestly.

Our Sunday School begins with a churchwide assembly at 9:30AM in which we sing a Psalm and give prayer requests, and then we depart our separate directions for prayer and Bible study. We break about 10:40.

At 10:45, people begin accumulating in the sanctuary, in which services begin soon after. We begin with announcements and prayer, and then sing four songs (both traditional and contemporary-styled hymns) using instrumentation like the piano, guitar, cello, and drums. Songs are interlaced with Scripture readings from the Law (or Psalms), the prophets, the gospels, and the epistles.

An offering is taken after the second song. There is no obligation to give.

The sermon is expositional, a line-by-line approach to preaching, and sermons last approximately 40 minutes. Bibles are provided for you as a gift if you don’t have one.

We end our services with the Lord’s Supper (you are welcome to observe it if you are a baptized believer in right standing with your current congregation). Finally, we finish by singing the doxology and are out by 12:15.

On the first Sunday of each month, we partake in potluck after the service, followed by a business meeting, and it is your prerogative to stay (you may stay for one and not the other). Typically, we are then out by 1:30. Guests are welcome to stay at their discretion. You may stay whether or not you bring anything to eat, but you are also welcome to contribute.

We do not – and will not – require masking or vaccinations for service or entry into the building. Social distancing is not possible, unless you remain in your vehicle and listen to the low-broadcast FM or watch the live cast, but Communion can be delivered to your car upon request if you are quarantined or desire to distance.

If it’s your first time visiting, a gift bag will be awaiting you on your way our the door at the welcome desk. If you enjoy your experience, please leave a positive review for us on Facebook or Google as a courtesy (or don’t).