Religious Liberty Fund

Our church has created via our church bylaws and constitution a special fund entitled the Religious Liberty Fund. It is overseen by our stewardship team, including our elders, deacons, treasurer, vice-treasurer, and church council. These funds are used only for the reimbursement of legal expenses for clergy or other Christians who are being persecuted, prosecuted, or mistreated in the court system for their right to speech, the press, worship, or the assembly.

Currently, our lead pastor, Pastor Hall, has several legal battles due ostensibly – and in our opinion – to his unwillingness to refer to men as women (or vice versa) in his writings. We are over-seeing this fund to provide him legal counsel. When those matters are resolved, the fund will remain and 100% of the remainder will go to fellow pastors – like James Coates, Steve Flippin, Steve Stephens, and many more – who are still being persecuted for remaining open in Canada and in other jurisdictions.

Donations given to this fund are tax-deductible. As the graphic below explains, you may give a check directly to Fellowship Baptist Church and place in the info line, Religious Liberty Fund. You will receive a charitable giving receipt before February 1 of each year.

Simply send a check to Fellowship Baptist Church and write “Religious Liberty Fund” on the subject line to 2181 W Holly St. Sidney, MT 59270.

Or, if you prefer to give now, you can give to the fund by using your cellular device. Text any numerical amount to 406-747-2231 and follow the prompts to give directly from your phone.