Safe Church Policy

We live in a dangerous world and recognize this point. We have adopted the Safe Church Policy, to protect children and the innocent. Our safety team leader is responsible for the implementation of the following policies:

  • All new church members are subject to criminal background checks per our bylaws, 2019. A criminal background of a redeemed person does not necessarily preclude one from membership, but in particular, we are looking for those who may have been convicted of sexual crimes who may or may not be reestricted from membership depending upon the details, dates, and descriptions of their criminality. No one convicted of a sexual crime of any nature may work with children or be a part of child ministry at any time, ever.
  • Adults are not allowed to be in the restroom alone with a child unless they are the custodial parent or have been cleared for toddler childcare through a background check – and then only during regular class time (for example, a toddler’s teacher may accompany a child to the restroom).
  • All workers with children (at AWANA or the nursery) for example, must receive a criminal background check from the security team to be cleared for service each year.
  • No men may be allowed to be left alone with children (for example, helping toddler in the restroom) unless they are the custodial parent.
  • Any female helping younger children with such issues – who are not custodial parents – must have been cleared with the annual background check and be with another volunteer present.
  • Pastors and counselors do not counsel members of the opposite sex or minors alone.
  • All funds must be counted with at least two witnesses, in public view of the church office, and placed into church custody from the offering plates by two or more deacons, and an audit to review church expendiatures takes place each year.
  • All leaders of the church have pledged to act as mandatory reporters (above and beyond Montana state law) for all forms of sexual abuse, whether committed inside or outside the church, on behalf of adults or minors.
  • All security team members have been trained in CPR and first aid, and our security systems have “panic buttons” throughout the facility in the event of a health issue to immediately dial 911 for medical assistance.
  • Concealed carry (only) is permitted on the premises.
  • All visitors are required to remove their over-coats, hats, and bags (purses excluded for women) before entering the sanctuary.

Fellowship Baptist Church reserves assert our private property rights to refuse service to anyone and is not considered a place of accommodation under the 1964 Civil Rights Acts. Your attendance is at the discretion of the pastor(s) or safety team or safety team leader.